Monday, September 22, 2008

you said it dad

i am getting the idea the american economy is suffering. does anyone get that feeling? housing, mortgages, gas, and the exchange rate and these are just the immediate issues concerning my personal pocketbook. i am wondering whether credit and good economy are two words that should not be included in the same sentence. like you don't want the phrase, "god was angry," and your name in the same verse. credit in my opinion is like the fast food restaurant industry, at first, it seems like it would satisfy. but the more you eat this food the more you see changes in your physical body, for the worse. do i indulge occasionally on a jr. bacon cheeseburger from wendy's? sure i do! but this habitual eating would keep me from sitting behind this table in the brass bean and type this blog without reservation. eventually it will catch up to you. my dad is in the process of getting a financial makeover. he is going on "the biggest loser," in his mind, concerning his debt. i couldn't be more proud of him at this point. he has been going since last feb. and has been sticking to a, in my mind, scary budget. but the more i hear from him and his "physical," financial trainer dave ramsey ideas, i am beginning to take his advice and apply accordingly. there is a great movie out called maxed out which takes you on a great journey through the american economy and its credit issues. what is the national deficit, like 9.6 trillion and climbing. that is $47,000 per adult. sheesh!
the new bailout proposal by the present white house campaign would, as they see it, help economically. i see it as furthering the philosophy of debt and the issues that surround it. i surprisingly, side with a more liberal mindset on this issue. the main things i am concerned about is those top executives that are involved in the bailout are also benefitting from the governmental purchase and walking away with millions, AND taxpayers money through the process. this upsets me. i put the blame on the whole credit issue. do i take responsibility for my idiot purchases? yes i do, as should all those involved with this bailout. if your out there and reading, debt = bad. anyone can get a loan, everyone has the ability to borrow some amount of money. don't do it!

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Brad Shull said...

This is good! I agree with you. We are a society that has relied on Debt and that is all about to change! Its about to be a cash society and I don't know if i am ready for that.

Greed is a nasty sin.