Sunday, June 19, 2011

his name is rickey

i wish i had more than words to express to my dad right now how much he means to my world. i wish i had two grandkids of his to sit on the steps at 2209 vega st and eat raisins with him. i wish we could all jump in the pool...even if it was cold, and he could give them a piggy back ride around.
i think there are some things i see in life, even our life as a family, that he doesn't see. but i know i only can see it because of his amazing love and his heart that says, "i still love you and i always will no matter what." because of that i choose to love him, honor him today, and to serve him no matter the cost.
what a great picture he has been in my life of the relationship i am meant to have with god almighty. what a tremendous picture of restoration he is that portrays the gospel in its truest form. for that, i can only say thank you dad for not allowing death and destruction to be my portion. my life, my kids life, and my grandkids will reap the fruit of your perseverance and a heart that truly resembles god's heart.

with the cruelty of youth i allowed myself to be irritated by traits in my father which i have since regarded as lovable foibles
-c.s. lewis

Monday, June 6, 2011

where were you on june 6th 1980?

today is a special day. one of the most important days of my life. it's not my birthday, it's not liz's birthday, it isn't the day we got married...but you are getting warmer. it isn't my sons birthday, nor is it the day i became a solid believer and chose to be an overcomer. this day in 1980 marks the wonderful and blessed union of 2 individuals who, literally, if they had not hooked up i wouldn't be here.










law abiding



sound in the word

picture of servanthood

lives of abandonment



full of wisdom





stirred and not shaken


full of faith

those are just a few things that describe this wonderful and spectacular couple.

mom and dad thank you so much for being in the 50% that choose to stick it out. thank you for being individuals who want to break previous generational curses by choosing to walk in the power and the anointing of the word of god. my marriage, my children's marriage, and their children's marriages will be better because of your foundation.

love you more than i express

Sunday, June 5, 2011

who do you say that i am

a young man approached me and said he wanted prayer. i prayed for him and at the end of, what i thought was this amazing prayer, he said, "i believe i have all that i just want to do it." i think he was waiting for someone to personally tell him to go do it. he believed he carried the revelation, he believed he knew the goal but what he lacked was the unction. i simply told him just to go do it.

after we talked for a bit he still seemed a little unsure of himself. so i invited him to come with me to pray over others. we walked around the room and as i laid hands on people, he too laid his hands on people. it was one of those moments i realized i had just made a disciple of jesus christ in a matter of minutes. he was praying over people with me and i just felt at peace that he was getting it and that his life would be turned upside down.

i only got his name. he had to leave while prayer continued because his ride was leaving. i hope i see him again. but i truly feel like something was deposited in his heart NOT by me praying for him but because he joined me in praying for others.

here is the conference that we had put together for pastors. it went from thursday through saturday morning. we held our monthly youth gatherings on the friday coinciding (usually it is on a saturday) with the conference. this is that night. 9th hour led worship, jahi evans gave a powerful message that provoked many to want the revelation of jesus as the fountain for their identities.