Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Who's Keeping Count

In Denmark our first European ministry trip
Just this morning Liz and I had a conversation about her personality. I asked her if there was any particular part of her personality that she thought would be more appealing. We talked about different personalities and things she feels more drawn to in style. This came about because we had a parent teacher introduction into the 3rd maternelle (for Titus next year at school). When I woke up she was already ready to go and looking really, REALLY GOOD. She's got a style going on that is really hot.

Today happens to be our 10 year anniversary and after I picked my kids up from school (Wednesdays are a half day) I took them to eat lunch at a special kid friendly establishment. During our meal I texted Liz about our plans and estimated time of arrival back home.

It went like this:
Me: Everything good? (I left Finn home for his nap while Liz was working from home)

Liz: I'm married to you for a whole decade. All is well. ;)

Me: That's sweet. Are you looking for a Facebook declaration?

Liz: No, are you?

Me: It means more to my cheerleader (one of the many personalities we discussed earlier) wife. (I was certainly being sarcastic)

Liz: Don't you mean your slightly edgy, nerdish, tattooed, cute, big boobed wife? As long as you tell ME, I don't need you to tell the 200+ friends, acquaintances & friends of friends on FB. It means more to me to hear the words, not to read them on a wall.

Now I think, for the most part, Liz and I do a good job communicating to everyone we know that we are in a loving, committed, and long-lasting relationship.  She certainly is not one who looks for special attention even on memorable anniversaries (birthday, mothers day, valentines, etc). However, I as a husband, could always do better.

Despite my shortcomings in honoring her publicly on the socially accepted sites, I want everyone to know how much I love her. One day, when I have a perfect French accent, I am going to take her to Grand Place in Brussels, and shout it out at the top of my lungs in French.

So Liz, you better be ready for attention one cool and romantic evening whilst strolling through our residential capital, needing to do absolutely nothing but get lost between the moon and pita street.

I love this woman who has done more for me than I have for her. But who's keeping count...certainly not her.