Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what's the deal with airplane food?

with all that is going on, preston, my job situation, school, i think its best that i say up front that this week has been the busiest i have ever had in years. i have am working for the man who paid my salary this last year. i am in the process of researching companies and finding the best opportunity for him to invest into. he desires to purchase a franchise and i have been put in charge of research. so if anyone out there has some pointers then it would be great for you to share them now. i have never worked inside the "corporate world" so i guess, to say the least, it is a learning experience. i want the best for my wife and if i had it my way things would already be different for her. we had a plan initially in place to do lifewalk in jan. and she would put a lot of time and effort into making that happen. she was so excited, and i was too for her because it seemed as though it would remove her from the corporate america job she had been involved with the last almost decade of her life. but with changes it seems as though we are back at square one with getting her into a place of fulfillment and even more so trying to find where i am going to get fulfillment out of all this.

because of what happened with preston i have been asked to speak in 1829. i have already had a rough week with this new role so i had an idea of where i wanted to go on my scheduled speaking time in 2 weeks. nathan was supposed to speak tonight but because of the whole thing i am now speaking. this morning i was thinking how drastically my work environment changed in the last week. i was thinking how easy it was to get into a place to hear from the lord on what i should speak on in 3 weeks. now it seems as though the challenge will be greater. i do anticipate this first month, or so, to be very hectic for me but after that there should be a groove i fit into. back to the real world it seems and scary it is. there is so much i wanna say but can't at this moment due to what could change.

this all may seem flustering coming out because it is just that in my head, flustering. but i am still zach lowrie, and i still have a passion to disciple even though my target group is not seen as much as i would like to see them.

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