Thursday, September 4, 2008

get your favorite dallas cowboys shirt ready

every year for me is getting bigger and better when it comes to dallas cowboys football. the emotional roller coaster of the super bowl pursuit, the thrill of t.o. in the endzone with the ball, romo may or may not have jessica in his players box. it gets better and better. i am prepared for dutch to pick up right where i am here and not waste any time with wondering if he will be a cowboys fan. i hear story's on the radio all the time of people who had been plugged right into their town's pro team's since they were kids and were die hard fans ever since. i want dutch to be one of those testimonies. i want him to be able to say to others, "i remember the good ole days when we had an owner who hated to lose and would trade anything in the world to get that super bowl championship." i want him to call into sports radio stations telling them, "member when we had the romo, owens connection to look forward to every sunday? why can't we get players in here like that era?" i dream of that. this sunday he will be prepared to show his colors. thanks to uncle parra he has a romo onesie he will be sporting for the season. it says 12 month old on the tag but if you haven't seen dutch lately he is not your average size. he's not fat, but he's not small either. i am pumped for him to experience this season of the cowboys even though he won't remember this exact season...or will he? i intend on pluggin him in early. i think sporting your favorite jersey on the cowboys season opener is number three when it comes to attire on sunday morning church. easter, girls get there pretty little dresses on and show them off, christmas time everyone dresses appropriately for the holidays, and cowboys season opener everyone dresses in their favorite cowboys attire. is there any harm in that..nah, i don't think so.

go cowboys!

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LIZZY said...

actually, my love, the jersey is for 18 months, not 12. :)