Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we now see its end

i normally wouldn't care a whole lot about what lawmakers would say about anything. i vote for them to do their job and take care of business like i pay kacy to clean my bathroom twice a month. this recent news of the bailout has caught my eye. i have already blogged about it in recent posts. i am wishing i could grab the mic and share my concerns, but alas, i vote for my lawmakers to do that for me right? i am glad in a way this bailout has not gone through.

1.) i truly believe that the bush administration has not spent money wisely, whether you contribute that to certain variables or not it has been the case this last 8 years with him in office. i think part of it is he is just not liked so going into the white house he has that against him already. the clinton administration had passed a surplus of around $559 billion to the bush administration for the years he had been in office, or as michael scott would put it the orifice. however, in light of his budget he really didn't spend money like the bush administration did. 
regardless of the spending miss nancy pelosi, you as a representative of an elected office, have the ability to bring checks and balances to the current administrations budget plan by speaking against it, as you have rightly exercised. do not throw the bush administration under the bus when you could convince your party to vote down any proposed spending by the opposing party's commander and chief, miss speaker of the house! 

2.) in light of all the issues i see, which is limited based on my education, i feel as though no matter what is done the "main street" citizen will suffer. bailout these fat cats and they gently float to the ground in their golden parachutes, as the people finish out these executives memberships at their respected country clubs for the rest of their life; reject the proposal and we all suffer in recession, or so everyone says. i am thinking if anyone is gonna go down, let it be everyone. the rich will fall far, the poor will have to get up that much earlier to ensure they get a good public transportation seat on the next bus. so in the end i would want everyone going down with the boat. that sounds more fair than the american public biting the bullet for the next 10-20 years while all these executives keep their fridge's stocked with caviar and their garages full of jag's.

3.) there still might be hope. i got this article from a friend that stated something to the idea of the government instead of giving money to the executives on wall street, should give it to americans to eliminate their mortgage debt. this idea would be amazing, in so many ways. 
also in semi related news,
i am loving the idea of applicants needing a higher credit score in order to get a loan. today what i am seeing is loans going out to people in whom the company is fully aware that this individual will not pay it back. this has to change. read this article concerning this issue. thank you whoever for stepping in and making the credit score valuable again, sheesh. this is ultimately why i think america should bite the bullet. we have made an everything goes economy, in my opinion. anyone can get a loan, even if they don't pay it back, anyone is approved for a mortgage, even if they don't make enough to pay it. this has to stop somewhere, and i am thinking we now see its end.

i want also to address something that may be important to the average church going american. we deem certain issues as very, very, important:
  • environment
  • abortion
  • cloning
  • healthcare
  • homosexuality (same sex marriage)
  • atheism
  • etc
however this is important cause why? we grew up with these issues preached from our pulpits, that it is important. please, don't check out on this yet. i hate abortion like god hates it. for example, many americans that have not grown up in our circle do not share the opinion we share about abortion.

according to abortion.org:

-white women make up 60% of the abortions in america this however, is well below the african america level. african american women are more than 3 times as likely to have abortion and hispanic women are more than 2 times as likely to have one.
-52% of women in america who are having abortions are younger than 25.
-64% of abortions are on unmarried women.

reasoning for abortions range from rape to just inconvenience of the child. whatever the case, the government is not getting it done with abortions. does that mean stop voting for these individuals who are pro-life, no. but, when it comes to abortion and politics lets take the perspective of those who are more likely to have one anyway. those individuals are not gonna vote for what they don't believe in. and i am for sure government is not gonna change ours or their opinion, like bush cannot convince an atheist there is a god. god is gonna have to convince them. the stance i feel is...we must stop relying on government to make a move on this issue. i wanna be able to voice my opinion on this. voting for mccain because he is pro-life is not a good idea just like voting for obama because he is black is a good idea. the stance the church needs to take is one that stops backing an individual because of a few moral agreements and starts looking at what this or that politician could do for the betterment of the whole u.s. of a. i may be asking a few to be too liberal in their thinking. i think programs that lou engle has in place are key and more effective than one individual trying to make a difference by voting based on that one conviction they might have with them in the booth. look at the whole picture and don't narrow your perspective because the candidate does or doesn't agree with that specific conviction. let me ask you this? what are you doing besides voting to change and reverse the roe vs. wade decision? the philosophy of mr. engle has hit it dead on the head. he is, in my opinion one who could make a difference because of his leadership example. i bet he votes for mccain, and i don't have a problem with that, i will too more than likely. 

but not because mccain is pro-life


Brad Shull said...

Wow! This is good!

Welcome to the uphill battle!

Good luck.

Lolly said...

So we should not vote for someone JUST because they think it's wrong for people to murder their own children...hmm. We should consider what the candidates views are on government spending even though they think people should have the OPTION to murder their own children...hm. People who traditionally want to have a big "let me fix it for you and you just don't worry about making responsible choices or working for yourself" party?

I remember reading the headlines in the newspaper on Sunday afternoon the weekend after Roe v Wade passed. I was 11 years old. I remember thinking, "I must be too young to understand this. Why would it be okay to kill your baby? Why would anyone think that would be okay? Maybe when I am older I will understand that this is not what it means at all." It is not just about the individuals who have abortions or those who think "I wouldn't but it should be the parent's choice". It is spiritual. I don't know statistics but the right to choose to murder any unwanted babies has not reduced the amount of abused children in foster care nor has it reduced the numbers of abused children in hospitals...or morgues. I just don't think the conscience of those who are willing to do this should be soothed by the fact that it is "legal" according to the laws of the land. An issue that NEVER comes up is the after math of abortion on the emotional state of women that had them. When are the "pro-choice" people going to address that? I would say the taking of innocent life is an issue of the highest importance. We will not take any money at all into eternity. No war. Government? God's. What do we take? Those fashioned in the womb, created in the image of God.

Lolly said...

furthermore-I am glad the bail out did not go through. I was not in support of that.

bullets said...

i am not saying deny the issue, i am saying do more than vote for a politician who only says or does something to gain your vote anyway. personal convictions are necessary and i agree with voting by those. but your not reaching the one most likely to commit abortion by electing mccain in office simply because he is pro-life, that is my point. get off your, not you inparticular but america, a*% and reach these people by loving them and counseling them into a redeeming process. the highest statistical reason for abortion is not rape, or incest, which is only 1% but inconvenience. this conclusion will not be changed by a politician but by people who are loving on them. that is my resolution to those who are so adamant about america being saved by a "wasp." the perspective of an african american who holds the view of pro-choice will not be convinced because mccain elected 2 judges into the supreme court who are conservative enough to over turn this ruling that abortion is wrong. telling someone they can't do something doesn't change their point of view that it is ok. they don't see it as a moral issue, that is not governments job to show that to them, in my opinion. that is our job as a so called loving body of christ.

Brad Shull said...

YES YES YES! I am totally with you on this one.

Lolly said...

Yes, it is our job as the church. None of the elected officials are going love people into a redeeming process. I agree. But-it is the attempt of the government to "fix it" by making it legal.

Brad Shull said...

God gave us Free will, that can't be controlled by making a law. If Abortion was Illegal again women would be getting them the same way people buy illegal drugs.

There is more to this problem than it just being "Legal"

becki said...

Wow, Zach! I had no idea you were such a politico! I feel EXACTLY the same way you do about the government's role in abortion vs. it being the church's job to spread that message and change people's hearts. I actually feel energized after reading this post!! You put everything so well. Even though I might not be casting my vote - dare i say it?! - in the redder direction. Gah! I said it! My one concern with my choice of which candidate to support was the issue of abortion, and after a lot of thought, research and prayer I came to the same conclusion you did, and you even expressed in much greater detail than I had even thought about. Great post Zach and I look forward to reading more!

becki said...

now I feel all exposed and stuff. :)

LIZZY said...

i agree with brad! legality is merely a formality to make us feel better about the decisions other people choose to make.

Lolly said...

I could go on and on. But this just makes me want to throw up. Which I did everyday between Sept 80 and April 81. And even though that was not convenient or fun for me I did it anyway and I am not sorry. Even now.

Lolly said...

To me it sounds more like "just ignore it they are going to do it anyway."

becki said...

I don't personally think we should ignore it at all. I just don't think we can completely rely on government to make the change happen. The change has to happen in people more than in legal status of abortion. People who want it and think it's an acceptable course of action (and I'm not one of them) will make it happen whether it's legal or not. It's sad and horrible, but it's true. And since abstinence doesn't work as a general preventative measure for those outside the church (and sometimes not for those in the church), part of making abortion illegal would need to include free contraceptives to everyone in lots of places, and more sex education.

In an ideal world, people would just wait to have sex until they are married, and then everyone would be happy to have children when they get pregnant, but since that's not the case, the solution has to start before the dilemma happens. And if we as the church continue to work on people's hearts (of which Engle is an amazing example), then maybe pregnancy will start to seem less like a problem that needs solving. I don't know if that all made sense or not. Sometimes I just ramble. :)

Lolly said...

It does make sense and you are wonderful!

bullets said...

no that is not my position. by the stats you could assume that half the "body of christ" at the potters house church in dallas are pro-choice. my question is do you think they serve the same god as i do and you do? yes, absolutely. what is the problem then? could the same god that i seek at sgc on sunday mornings speak a different message in another community? no i don't think so. i am simply saying that for some reason the issue of abortion, which is huge in my immediate circle, is NOT huge in others circles. is this my fault, god's fault, attendee's of the potters house' fault? no, its the conviction of the individual. the democratic presidential candidate's stance on abortion is that it is a moral issue that should be taken up with the state and not the federal government. he feels this way why? his influence growing up had a big deal with it and his own decisions in the long run. but every issue within the usa is of importance, NOT just abortion. the reason it is a hot topic deserving discussion is the same reason the death penalty is a debated issue, government spending, the act of war, and healthcare. its a question of too much government involvement. if it was left to the local state courts instead of the supreme court you might find the abortion rate actually decrease dramatically. why? because it will be recognized as a case by case, and individuals who had felt like having the child would have been an inconvenience would not have been able to get off the hook like they do now. the key is changing the mindset through love of the individual. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, the ones getting abortions don't want the responsibility of the child, and the one's leaving it to the government to change the law don't want the responsibility of loving that individual into change. as christ did.

bullets said...

i have to have a forum to share my views. i don't want to just assume anything my friends say is my opinion. we are all gonna share different views on this. I AM PRO-LIFE for the record. but truthfully, this issue, for me, is not of any more importance than other issues that makes this nation what it is. they are ALL VERY important. there i am done...maybe.

Lolly said...

After all of this the title of this blog is kind of ironic. I know you were referring to the "bail out" but this has been quite a discussion. I know you like this. I am proud of you for having so much going on in your head and thinking for yourself. I don't think I've ever discussed politics so much in my entire life.

becki said...

I'm PRO-LIFE too.

bullets said...

i think this is my mom...if so, i love you very much and glad you are pro-life

mbriscoe said...

hmmm.... well... I guess we need to make murder legal too... and stealing.... and rape.... and adultery.... I could go on if you want me to? those are all moral issues... Oh, but there ARE laws for all of those, right?? I wonder how those laws got there? Maybe by electing someone who put those laws into place. Just like we could elect someone to make a law against abortion. Yes, there will still be people that break that law. Just like there are people who still steal and murder. But I think it would keep a lot from doing it- just like those who steal and murder. And that's worth it to me.

PEOPLE!!! ARG! This nation was founded as a christian nation!!! We are being brainwashed by the media that we need to vote for what's politically correct. We don't!!! We can vote for what we want!!! I want an abortion-free, heterosexual, fair tax, small business friendly, christian nation. I will vote morally because it's my vote!!!! I don't care what the church down the street believes or this humanistic society (which by the way has totally infiltrated the church and we don't even realize it). MY GOODNESS!!! Every law has it's basis in a moral code of beliefs so it mine as well be christian.

Here's what I'm gonna do:
IN POLITICS- I will vote and stand up for and persuade others for laws and lawmakers that support my christian beliefs. It's the only way are nation will continue to be blessed. (and I would prefer to live in a blessed nation)
IN MY OWN LIFE - I will truly love and serve those who don't follow the lord and pray for them and be a light.
phew. I'm done.

ejakovljevic said...

I agree zach----great post, comments and topic!

I think there is too much government involvement on the issue of abortion and the decision should be left to courts on the state by level. In my opinion we'd accomplish a lot more as a nation.