Thursday, September 18, 2008

doctor, i am the one who is presently suffering

the more i read about all these different dysfunctions, abnormal behavior patterns, and pathological issues, the more i can't help but wonder what the medically trained professional does to contribute instead of relieve the issue. on and on about another symptom which may or may not contribute to an abnormality. i certainly have no doctorate in the medicinal field, however, i know that it is a BUSINESS. this is an excerpt from a book i am reading called, psychopharmacology handbook for the non-medically trained, " it has no agenda other than educating the non-medically trained. "prescribers are typically befriended by the drug company's representatives and given free services or rewards for prescribing the medication. unfortunately, this alliance between the drug companies and the prescribers can determine the prescriptions that are written, rather than the condition of consumers." this is one concern of mine relating to the frustration i have. never the less, i can do nothing about this because it is a practice far to long in place. however, there is another aspect of this issue i could do something about. in further research i am seeing more and more the replacement of ownership with an excuse to be a product or fruit of the side effect of a sinful nature. one example might be, ummmm...a parent who instead of being an influence into their child's life are further encouraging behavior associated with ad/hd because they would rather, deep down inside, be irresponsible than change a significant problem that might lead to further dysfunction. this sound harsh? it is, i know. i will now calm down. but lets look at the situation. we (humans) have now been able to diagnose every which disorder that might contribute to dysfunctional/abnormal behavior. i mean one slight change in symptoms can move one suffering from as (asperger's syndrome) to one who is diagnosed with hfa (high functioning autism). i am not suggesting that people predisposed to this syndrome are a result of cognitive factors or are suffering as a result to parental negligence. actually, looking at the statistical research on these mentioned syndrome's, one cannot determine the cause but can only attribute to possible factors that are noticed in each diagnoses. i may have been alluding to the wrong syndrome/dysfunction. this may be because i am in the process of reading and researching as at the moment. my complaint is more on the thousands of diagnoses of alleged abnormal behavior and then the immediate prescription of a pill to cure it or remove possible symptoms. case and point, a child who has been diagnosed with ad/hd in latter years may have developed it through the behavior learned through observation of the family. and the family instead of rectifying the issue, which is their observed behavior, have chosen to live with the conditional diagnosis further encouraging the behavior. "oh, he/she has ad/hd that is the reason he/she acts that way, it must be time to give him his/her medication." stop! wait a second! ahhhhhhhhh! i wish i could reasonably and logically argue my case i see in this circle of idiocy. i suffer from the correct terminology.  

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