Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what in the world

the more i hear about medications and the practitioners who prescribe them the more i get uneasy about our whole method of approaching disorders and illness. someone close to me, no not me, has been prescribed, by their doctor, to take a certain medication for their cholesterol. this medication in turn has effected another natural aspect of their body. the doctor, instead of recommending an alternative to medication, has prescribed yet another pill to take care of the responding ailment to the cholesterol medicine. i am only waiting for this doctor to prescribe a drug that will offset the imbalance these other medications are causing in the body of my friend. 

can i say that in today's medicinal practices practitioners are only concerned with turing a profit? no i can't but, can i say that doctors are careful in their prescriptions, only concerned for the well being of their patient? definitely no! emphatically no! i was reading in a a book talking about this issue. this book had a testimonial of a woman who was suffering from depression. the doctor had told her to try a new drug out on the market, zoloft. the doctor had no interest in the cause of depression and without hesitation prescribed zoloft. the woman in this case was not aware of the side effects present in zoloft. nor was she educated on the proper way to handle these side effects. she began suffering the side effects of zoloft, which are:

suicidal thoughts
behavior changes
panic attacks  
thoughts of hurting others

she then returned to the doctor and told him about the side effects she had been experiencing. the doctor told her it was a natural reaction of the body to zoloft. it will get this way before it gets better kind of thing. he suggested that she up the dosage. she did and later attempted suicide only stopping because someone she knew stopped her. 

my point is this. our bodies respond greatly to what we put in them, from cheeseburgers to braces. you put something in your body, be educated on the item. do NOT take the doctors word simply because of his gown and money he has made. his practice, like every medicinal practitioner out there, is based on theory. back to my friend earlier. their problem would be solved if they would simply change their diet. nutrition plays a huge part in your body's function. 

eat right live right

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