Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nice, it's really nice

i have never been to this little grand prairie establishment off main called "the brass bean." i know elizabeth dunn works here. it's nice, i would put more comfortable chairs in here but for the most part i am glad i came this morning. i needed to get some reading done. my house is out of the question (peanut), and i wanted some wifi, so i figured i would check it out. i like to people watch, so during lunch, like right now, this place is full of grand prairians. not the normal people i would watch though. never the less i think coming here will happen again. you should check it out too if you can and live near. i could've gone to the office but i don't get much work accomplished there. why? i don't know but it just doesn't seem productive. well i gotta run because i am in a booth and it is getting packed i here. it's just me so i don't want to be rude and take up a whole booth for just me.

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