Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ok, ok, ok

lets just make sure we have our ducks in a row. i heard that senator obama had admitted to being of the muslim faith. i watched the obama clip. the one where he says "his muslim faith." in context, he was not saying he is a muslim or has a muslim faith. he was stating that mccain has not attacked him with having connections or ties to any faith. i am not admitting to supporting obama or what he stands for but i think it is reasonable to be fair to candidates on both tickets. 

i had watched the interview with rick warren as well.

again, i am not a supporter of obama, but lets imagine for a second that whatever the issue is on hand that you are a die hard liberal thinker. lets imagine now for a second that the issue in discussion is abortion. now, without going any further, any die hard liberal minded thinker is gonna answer what? "pro-choice." now lets put that same person, who is trying to win the hearts of the american people for the prize of a presidential seat, in a conservative forum and talk about a conservative issue, i.e. abortion. rick knows where obama stands on abortion, as do all those who think liberally and conservatively. what obama was trying to do as he, stumbled over his answer, was get people to see the moral issue behind abortion. is it bad, yes! is it something i wish was never even thought of, of course! i hate abortion, and i know god does too, but the issue of abortion is not gonna be solved through the presidential seat, in my opinion. the powers that congress have are just as important as the presidential seat. our founding fathers set it up that way in order to make sure that the checks and balances are in order. the only reason obama is taking so much heat is because he is one man in the seat of influence, as opposed to congress which has 540 elected officials. obama did stumble around with his answer. but imagine yourself in his shoes under the circumstances he was in at that time. i think it actually is very brave for a liberal presidential prospect to enter that situation at all. as far as abortion is concerned i am pro-life. i think the baby has rights at conception, but obama doesn't and his view is that it should be left up to the state, he continues to state, it's a moral issue. anyone who watched that forum, and thought obama was gonna say anything about pro-life, is an idiot. his official website says what he is. the only reason he stumbled was because of the audience and he wanted to make it apparent he is not an unreasonable, baby killer as so many call people who are pro-choice. i really think mccain is what he says he is and obama what he says he is. mccain came out and said what he is...pro-life, or a baby has rights at conception. i wish the earth's problems were solved in the presidency. but there not. keep praying for righteous government.

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