Sunday, September 14, 2008

what if i am not relying on him right

i have had quite a roller coaster of direction in the last 7 days. what do i think about this or that? is god testing me here? is god showing me something else? man i am sure everyone has walked through that. liz and i are in a position where we need to free up some space financially in order to prepare for our future. we want more breathing room. but i wonder if by me trying to do one thing in order to do something later is not fulfilling what scripture is telling me to do. "submit your ways unto the lord, and he will direct your path." my way was to do this and that. i guess that is what i am learning. this new position isn't anything what i would think could offer me fulfillment. this morning i was preparing to rehearse with steven parra for his songs, and i was in the sanctuary just sitting there quiet. i was loving it. my mind just kept thinking about how good god is. and i thought, "of course, not worry and trust him." but what if i am not trusting him right, what if i am missing what he has put in front of me?" ahhhh! just serve him how i know how and things will be taken care of. liz and i had shabbat over at the smiths (anthony and tracy). that family is so inspiring. great group of people to be around. i had never been before to their house, yet, i had heard so many awesome things from everyone who had been over there. they spoke some amazing truth into our lives. before we knew it the clock had struck midnight and both of us were so tired. but liz and i have heard the lord for what we thought would be for this jan in lifewalk but maybe things aren't for this jan. but no doubt that lord spoke some vision into liz and i concerning this next generation and how they can sustain a revival they will see from the hand of the lord. wait for it, wait for it.


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