Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yea idiocracy!!!

i am trying to compile a list of the best movies that add to the idiocracy of american culture. please help in this pile of crap that has contributed. i know there are some movies, i.e. saving silverman, that certain individuals, i.e. my wife, who consider to be total crap. i however LOVE saving silverman and i think this one movie tops my list of "greatest movies that yet contribute to the idiocracy of american culture." so whether you believe that it is a bad idea to make a movie like this or not, doesn't matter. what are the best movies, in your mind that are funny to you, that contribute to this list?


Lolly said...

What's that one where the robber keeps a family hostage in their own home and the couple is so argumentative that it drives the robber crazy? The robber is Denis Leary. I think.

becki said...

Cold as Ice...the Vanilla Ice movie where he plays the rebel (surprise surprise) who's dating a girl whose dad doesn't approve. Movie comes equipped with motorcycle riding on the beach and Vanilla Ice rescuing the girlfriend's little brother from danger, thus winning the father's approval. HORRIBLE....yet I couldn't stop watching. I think the dad was played by the guy who played Steven Keaton on Family Ties.

ejakovljevic said...

dragan says Joe Dirt