Saturday, October 18, 2008

with purity comes favor

i always have the greatest feeling when i leave my parents house after a night of food and fellowship. when i am able to have my wife and kid at the dinner table with my parents and sister, i can't help but gain a better grasp of the favor of the lord in my life. in life one can always say that "it's a certain way because of the people you know and the choices you have made," so by that logic, knowing my past and any proposed idea i had i am glad the doors to those opportunities where shut. i play the "what if" game in my life now but i would hate to play it and find out for real, when i consider where i could have ended up today. so many things would be gone, including but not limited to the cutest little boy in the world. this leads me to think that if anyone wants a seem less flow with just, and righteous consequence they should choose purity over selfishness every time. thats easy to say in principle, but put to the test one finds it difficult to get past the "heat of the moment" pleasure, which is only for a season. think back in life about all the golden opportunities. once, twice maybe more it may seem that a path to fulfillment and favor would have been yours for the taking. but i guarantee you this, the favor you so seek comes with a faith you are, in many cases, unwilling to give. "i want it now!" this is a desire we may all posses at times but only the immature and childish are fooled by the facade of treasure it brings. and this treasure, to the mature and righteous man or woman, is the trash they so easily dispose. increase the faith, increase the favor. its an equation that has baffled the ancient philosophers. faith comes by hearing the word and that word is meant to wash you clean. when i walk out of the door of my parents house, get into my car, and drive back home the favor of the lord is like a log on the fire of confidence in my life that i am walking in purity. i regret only this...that i haven't made these faithful decisions sooner.

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