Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i'm ready glory hallelujah

so right, this week i leave for belgium. i am so excited to be going. one reason i am extremely excited is because my wife is able to join me. i have taken quite a few trips but the best one's and the one's i receive spiritual and marriage strengthening are the one's where liz gets to be by my side. peanut is not going with us because of the money factor. i personally don't see this trip a trip he would be able to handle anyway. i know liz will miss him, i will miss him too, but i have been away from dutch for extended periods of time before this trip so it's not a "first time away" feeling. besides, there is a bond a mother has with her child that no one could understand but a mother. the second reason i am excited is because of the location. when i ventured to brussels last feb. with jon v. and nathan there was an amazing impression the lord left on my heart for a specific move he wanted to do in europe as a whole. this move influences what i know is liz and my calling to ukraine. but the steps are in order and the way things will work is one step at a time. with that said this trip is furthering my understanding of the things god wants to do in europe and beyond. this trip is also viable to the strengthening of the vision god has placed inside my heart for discipleship. in some form, or capacity i will be an executor of an establishment thats primary focus will be bringing individuals from point 'a' to point 'b.' this is code for a maturation process in people. within the last few weeks i have dug up old dreams of kids and my calling with those young one's who have not yet reached adolescence. this is stirring in me once again and i know belgium plays a role in this. for now, however, live the life, get the education i need in counseling, and walk away with tools and resources that will enable to me to bare the load of fulfilling a calling i and others will be able to mark on my tombstone as revolutionary. all this is pending of course on the return of christ.


Justin Ransom said...

Awesome!!! What day are you leaving?

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