Wednesday, October 15, 2008

giv'er time

i had a thought yesterday about the earth and those who inhabit the geographical areas with the most resources. i was able to put my thought together because of a fellow blogger in the san fran area. i don't know her, have never met her but i was doing research and found her blog to be interesting, its entitled, inspiring gifts that transform, and in it talked a little about an individual who is transforming philanthropy. the guy who she was talking about wasn't the draw but the words this lady wrote about how the worlds geographical areas of the greatest amount of resources are inhabited by the poorest individuals. that is so fascinating because it doesn't seem like it would be that way, with all the many who are the greediest people in the world. now, i imagine that those who want those resources get those resources without having to occupy the land. but to me it goes deeper than that. i think its amazing the most populated countries are also in the running for poorest too. except for one, the united states of america. it goes like this:

china - 1,313,973,713
india - 1,095,351,995
united states - 300,176,035
indonesia - 245,452,739
brazil - 188,078,227
pakistan - 165,803,560

that is amazing to me. this isn't one of those heavy blogs at all, but i am very curious as to how the united states has managed to maintain its populous and yet still remain wealthy, well if you discount the national debt, we are wealthy. i guess you can credit the fact that we are younger than 4 of those nations. that has always been my thinking...give america time, we will see what she will look like in a few more centuries.

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