Wednesday, October 8, 2008

done and gone

i did it, i cut this mop and i have to say despite how wonderful my stylist is, it is not her fault. i dislike it though. it clearly is different, well, it is to me anyway. i am used to flowing locks of 70's rock n roll rage, now...i am a more 50's pop culture icon. none the less, it feels different, which is always good. anyone who says they don't like change, watch out for them cause they are obviously not right in the head. why, you ask...cause that is just how life is, changing all the time. there is not one culture on this planet that stays constant. even the freaking universe is moving and changing. what makes that one individual think they are so special to escape change. maybe i am mad cause i can't avoid it...nah, thats not it. change is coming cause comfort is destructive. thats a quote you can quote me on. 



notice the change, and even the computer inputs it as bad change cause of the black and white effect. i am not used to it, thats the problem. i can deal with it. plus, i am one of those individuals who hates the "salon shampoo" cause they completely strip your hair of the rock n roll oils. the salon washes once, maybe twice, and my hair, when loads of shampoo are used will fluff up real big. i hate this look with a passion. again, let me re-iterate it is not jen's fault she is an amazing hair stylist who knows how to take the idea and put it on the head. i wouldn't go to her if i didn't appreciate her style. i have been going for a long time to her place, in fact, i was originally against the big money hair cut but she cuts me such an amazing deal that i couldn't refuse the offer. so if you see me and think to yourself, "what is he trying to accomplish with his life looking like that," believe me i am thinking the same thing. but, talk to me in a few weeks, my confidence and bank account will send a different message! 

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Lolly said...

You are so creative you will find a way to make it work for you! Besides, making that face doesn't show it in it's best light. Wow, it's dark.