Thursday, October 2, 2008

none the less i stop down

from time to time, on tv, there is a movie that must be watched. not because it is substantially great or anything but because i just can't pass it up. for some reason it grabs me and it won't let go til the credits roll. i, as best i could, put together the top ten list of movies that are, in no particular order:

zach's top ten stop down movies on tv:

1) the truman show 
for some reason i stop down to watch this movie every time. tbs, tnt, you name the network i will watch it. i dislike the the commercial interruptions however. jim carrey is great, in my opinion, in this role. its one of those serious/comedic roles of his that doesn't go over board. you know those roles of robin williams where he takes that personality of his overboard. this character of robin williams, in every movie by the way, has ruined his acting ability for me.

2) kindergarten cop
i don't know why! i really don't. arnold is one of the worst actors in hollywood. for some strange reason this movie gets me. especially the kid who is obsessed with tumors, and the kid obsessed with the difference between boys and girls, and...well all the little kids are great. you may not like this movie but i stop down every time its on.

3) last of the mohicans
i don't care who you are and what you do this movie is for you. nothing is more interesting than the colonial/indian/revolutionary time period. i think daniel day lewis is one of the greatest actors to walk the planet 

4) home alone
both of 'em i don't care which one is on 1 or 2. i hate, i said i hate number 3. home alone 3 is no relative of 1 or 2. these movies are when culkin was sort of sane, i guess. but you can't top the one liners in these movies. 
"look whatcha did ya little jerk!" 
"kevin, i am going to feed you to my tarantula." 
"kevin, you're what the french call les incompetents." 
"i made my family disappear"
all great quotes and memorable lines for years to come. 

5) bottle rocket
i think this is an automatic stop down for all who claim to be texan. owen, luke and james caan make this movie what it is. my favorite scene is when bob's brother confronts mr. henry and his gang of "outlaws" at the country club. "how many bullets does this thing take?" "bob, put the gun down!" "why, dignan, i bought it!" great movie, go rent it of you have never seen it. it also has a scene in a local g.p. store right across from the brass bean.

6) anchorman
this movie was built on the "one-liners." this movie is full of great scenes with any one liners such as:
brian: i think i was in love once
ron: what was her name?
brian: i don't remember
ron: that is not a good start but keep going
"there was a time before cable when everyone believed everything they heard on tv"

7) austin powers 
international man of mystery and the spy who shagged me are the best ones. the third one boasts greatness but alas i wasn't as intrigued by the genius of the third time around. again, this movie carries so many one liners you can't contain yourself. i think the snl talent goes on to stardom because of one liners. there is no big surprise there.

8) braveheart
its long, i have seen it hundreds of time, but still when it appears in the guide i can't look away. it warrants my attention every time. the fighting, the love, the redemption, the politics, and the betrayal, its like the bible in a movie, which is not a bad idea by the way. mel has his issues, and say what you want about him; he is a tremendous entertainer.

9) the edge
this is one of sir anthony hopkins' best, especially because it is one of those outdoorsy survival movies. he plays this billionaire who goes with his young hot wife to a photo shoot in alaska's backyard. his plane goes down and he is left to remember all the things he read about in a survival book he got fatefully a few weeks earlier.  

10) waterworld
i know, i know, most herald this flick as good as watching leaves blow in the wind. for some strange reason i am intrigued by the idea of the movie and not necessarily the acting. if you can watch this movie with the mindset of the polar ice caps actually melting and covering the earth over you will see it differently, i think. 

all these movies intrigue me and they are not the best on my list but rather the ones i stop down to watch anytime they are on, especially if there is nothing else on. but don't think i have excluded better movies. i just had these on the top of my mind in the last few hours.

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Sarah said...

i have a few of those movies myself. I agree with braveheart. the others on our list, not so much. however, mummy 1 & 2, breakfast club, remember the titans, dances with wolves and the patriot all get me to stop what I was doing & watch.

hope all is well.