Monday, October 6, 2008

hold onto that ball romo

the cowboys are starting to worry me a little observing these last two games. last week was just embarrassing even though the redskins are, supposedly, a good team. they beat the eagles this weekend but the eagles suck anyway. thats right philly you suck. what's troubling me the most is romo and his performance during the middle section of the games. 2nd quarter and early third he seems to drop off a little. granted he had an impressive drive late in the 4th quarter despite the fumbles and surprise on-side kick. still the ben"gals" are a team we should have "made our woman." our defense held us in this game and kept it from being an embarrassment. oh how awful would that have been to wake up on monday with another loss to the ben"gals!" oh man that would been devastating. i am not sure how long our defense can hold, however, cause injury after injury will keep our core secondary out of the game. except for roy, you can keep him out of the game. until our run defense begins to suffer, which is looking like now. next week the cardinal from arizona. no worries here...hopefully! 

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