Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what's your hso?

i have a hot sports opinion about the national basketball league. i am welcome to corrections but when did the league become so concerned about the players demands. i realize the talent creates the revenue, but was it, again correct me if i am wrong, this way in the older days of the league? when did owners start worrying about their talent and catering to their every want like most of todays parents do to their pre-adolescent children. i can't stand to hear the reports of players threatening to leave a team based on the coach and going to the owner giving him the ultimatum saying him or me. this is ridiculous to me. it hits close to home cause of the cuban avery situation. but man it sounds to me like cuban is sacrificing integrity to make his dollar. i believe this is across the league not just in dallas. i am not criticizing what any individual has done but rather what cuban has done based upon media reports. but what do you expect from this guy anyway...yeah thought so. i think catering to the players is sick. although it is easier to get rid of a coach than it is 2 or 3 sorry characters, but exceptional basketball players. thats my conclusion. 

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