Friday, October 10, 2008

look out below

sheesh...look at the markets. the dow, how about it dropping 3000 points in less than 2 weeks? i am on the outside looking in thinking 2 things:

1. is this a time for me to be excited, get educated, and look at buying stock in order to seek a long term payout? i am interested, i really am. but the whole idea of the stock market is similar to that of the roulette table. you find a company (number) you like put your money (chips) into it and let the market (wheel) play itself out, in a chance that you will gain more capital for something else. the key is, as in any gambling scenario, when do you stop? the thrill, i will admit, is a feeling that gives you an adrenaline rush you can't get from anything else. especially one who holds high convictions when it comes to drugs and alcohol. i can't say i am one of those thrill seekers, or daredevils. i am not the guy who goes to the top of the mountain, even though i am an ok skier. i don't seek a great, quick challenge. not because i don't want a challenge but because i prefer slower momentum, which inevitably will get me at the speed i am comfortable at going. i am thinking the stock market is not for me. but tomorrow who knows, the dow could jump right up to 10,000 points just as quickly as it dropped to below...well, 8300 right now. but it sounds and looks like so much fun, despite what the sources are saying.

2. as an outsider i tend to enjoy, a little bit, not a lot, people suffering financially who know better. that may sound sick but let me put it in perspective. one morning, when i used to work at the chickfila in the irving mall, we had a store meeting at the chickfila unit on beltline next to the bally's fitness. it was on a sunday afternoon...yeah, yeah I know chickfila making me work on sunday ridiculous right? well people driving by saw the cars parked outside the unit thinking, "wow, chickfila must have did away with the policy they have been enforcing for over 20 years today, and opened on sunday." people would precede to drive thru the drive thru only to find out there is no one on the other side receiving there order. this ability to reject, for some strange reason, made me feel so good. i don't know why. but when those people who were so excited or maybe a little thrilled to sink their teeth into a warm crispy nugget were turned down because of a policy well established for 20 years, i got a little evil, mr. burns"ish," feeling enjoying their misery and dissatisfied opportunity. that is evil. my point is people who are living the lush, extravagant, lifestyle where they can wipe their butts with the money i would need to scrape together to fill my gas tank, in my opinion get the downfall they deserve. that is cruel for anyone i know, whether you make 200k or 2k a year. but what seems to be happening is that those who are losing so much are cringing at the close everyday of the markets, i have good sample research, granted its only 2 individuals. i hear the chatter non-stop, especially last week, "it dropped below 9500!" me on the other hand, i hear the reports that it is a dire situation for our economy, but for some reason "i choose not to care." i have never worried nor feared it before. why should anyone? the market stands to balance itself, right? either you take advantage and sell at a high opportunity like a few months ago or wait it out another 6-7 years, so they say.

me, i am convinced that the biggest drivers, or stressors of the market are greed, and fear. surprisingly enough, those are the two that drive one to take risks. my conclusion on getting stock...

i don't know yet 


Brad Shull said...

Now is the best time my friend. I wish we would have waited to buy rental properties till now. The market is flooded with Cheap real estate.

bullets said...

oh for sure...but is this gonna stop here or continue to fall even lower?