Saturday, November 29, 2008

god help us we are being treated fairly

ok "black friday" should not come after the greatest day in american history, besides independence day. i believe, as we observe the atrocities of consumers willing to trample on people to get "the deal" of the century, this nation has sunk into an all time low. i like deals and cherish the "free" market, if you really want to call it that, society we live in as much as the next guy. however, when i hear stories of gunmen in the parking lots, wal-mart employees getting trampled to death, and people fighting over...what was the in thing a few years ago, oh yeah "tickle me elmo," i get sick to my stomach and detest my american brethren. who can i attribute this behavior? who will take the blame? you can for some of it, i could as well, and i think anyone who desires to live in this "great" nation. but when you get a certain freedom you get certain consequences with that freedom, and i for one am always deciphering if it's the best for us as a whole. sure, kids who get what they want from their parent(s) at an early age will in fact begin to love that parent(s) more than anyone else. because they give them what they want. but then you can see as plain as the night from the day that this child will not be a "healthy" child in the sense that they will seek to follow a moral code that governs humanity, right? america has morphed into a state of anything goes consumerism. and as a result we, and i am including myself in this too, have began to believe we are entitled to something, we deserve it, we need it, we can't live without this or that. we will go to great lengths to gain, or preserve this right, or protect (through the federal documents) what we think we deserve to make it fair and balanced. does anyone see the flaw in this ideology. i HATE it! and i know people will say "well, i don't agree, but i know you have that right to say that and i will defend until the death your right to say that" and blah blah blah. do we really want what is fair? stop and think about if we are really wanting to get fair and balanced on a spiritual scale? if we REALLY got what was FAIR...that means eternal damnation right? i know it won't change cause that wouldn't be profitable. this holiday season prefer your neighbor, prefer the person behind you who has one or two items compared to your fifty and let them check our before you. there is no reason to get up at 3 in the morning to go shopping for items that will be there on the shelves next week. before you put something on the 15% interest rate credit card stop and think...can i maybe get something just as great but not as expensive. the great thing about gift cards, in my opinion, is that you can put an amount on them and it doesn't have to be the full amount but can be a great or significant percentage towards the product. i know genius, right? what about going in and paying an equal share with someone else to get the bigger item. "but zach, christmas is about giving gifts no matter how big!" please, that worldview will hurt you not just in the long run but in the first month of the new year when you gotta pay that purchase off plus interest. there really is no great or huge thing to do at this point in time to expose the charlatan america has made the holiday seasons. but in this capitalistic holiday season don't think "me" or "i" don't even think about "us" or "we" because even in that you still are preferring yourself. instead think, that person, or them, just think how can you prefer your neighbor over yourself. make it "unfair" by lifting someone else over your needs.


Jonathan said...

Better not come around me during Christmas! I am a present buying fiend and I also get my nieces and daughter everything they want! :)
Oh and I plan on taking that tradition to Belgium with me too! :)

Stephmlow said...

Would you please let Jon know I would like a Wii... thank you