Tuesday, December 9, 2008

we are running out

when coldplay's viva la vida came out there was controversy as to whether or not they had copied from a no namer creaky boards. i remember brad shull had brought this to my attention. i thought nothing of it as i could definitely hear in the song different notes played. but the latest to my knowledge is viva la vida copying a song by joe satriani entitled if i could fly. 

this sounds like coldplay invited santana to remix the song with them! it brings me to wonder, as many probably do, when are we gonna run out of song ideas? when are all the melodies, chord progressions, and rhythms all gonna be used and then have to be reused, if they haven't already? i mean the modern rock revolution, which started in early to mid 1900's, is revealing that we are running out of ideas, especially if we are taking a song by joe satriani and redoing it. i think the beatles, the stones, and all those revolutionary bands are revolutionary because NO one before them were doing what they were doing, obviously. but the songs that are being written today are harder to write and harder to create because most, if not all, has been done already. so by that logic bands today are better than the 50's pop bands, because they had no scale to compare it to. now days everyone who writes songs, including the great radiant, are labeled and branded as copycats because most of the musical genius has been done. with that said i am in awe of musical acts, such as U2, that have been able to stick around and bring original sounds decade after decade. its tough, i don't claim to have the answer but i do think that if your trying to be a musician now a days it's way harder and more difficult even now than it was ten years ago. it gets harder as the years grow older. regardless if this claim against coldplay is true or not i truly don't think anyone would lower themselves to copy JOE SATRIANI!

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Brad Shull said...

That band that claims Coldplay copied them has just filed a lawsuit.

I have thoughts about this topic all the time. I think as long as people are unique and artistic their will always be new Music, Art, etc....