Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wait five minutes

this weather brings out the weirdest individuals. you got the ones who own 4 wheel drive vehicles and are the first ones out of bed for this weather. they know with the power of all wheels being able to move at once nothing on the bridges or falling from the freezing sky can stop their machine from getting to its destination in an acceptable time. those who own other vehicles are the ones that 4 wheel drivers are yelling at when approaching overpasses. people who drive 2 wheel drive vehicles are in danger of being all over the road and therefore take their precious time in maneuvering around. these people are plenty in texas and make life difficult for out-of-towners. but the most common statement everyone has to explain any amount of drastic weather in texas is, "thats just texas weather!" what a stupid comment. most smart people will call their immediate supervisor and state the obvious that they are unable to make it to work on time and sleep another hour. some people will make the most of their workday without going in by going to the local starbucks to accomplish all that the internet can provide for them. but for those who go to school nothing is better than seeing the scrolling ticker announce that your school is closed due to inclement weather. i would always be right in front of the tv watching, anticipating, using my christian faith to will the closing of my school. the great thing about going to a private school is that you got people, sometimes the majority, driving in from all over the metroplex and the weather would suggest that it would be better to just skip the day than have school for 5-10 students. i remember the last year i worked at starbucks we shut down early due to inclement weather, that feeling was amazing. of course that can only happen to the closing crew and not the opening shift.

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