Thursday, December 11, 2008

watch out!!!

here he comes, mr. 75% head. i can't remember what my life was like that first year of living. but now i can get a glimpse and my words are...i am sorry mom and dad. i only say this because i now realize that once kids are in the picture alarm clocks are not, for now anyway. i hope to HAVE to use that thing again but for now nothing screams wake up at 6am like a 1 YEAR OLD!!! horray son of mine. one and still climbing. i am so proud to be proven wrong. what i mean by that is that when he first started making noises like "oo" i began to wonder what babies with disorders first sounds were. i know he doesn't have one but i would joke with liz occasionally that they existed in peanut. she was not happy when this occurred. but my son is one and for his first birthday one of the youth asked me, "what are ya gonna get him?" i smiled back and answered like a true lowrie/bill cosby father would..."a roof over his head, and food on his table." besides no one and i mean NO ONE can remember their first birthday present, and if they can they are lying. i won't forget though, the day liz and i went to the hosp. the day he was coming out and we played the waiting game forever, and then the moment he popped out. i had no idea what to expect. i even forgot how to hold babies but the minute they handed him to me i became a natural all over again. to day i realized one year ago he was sleeping his whole day away, now...i wish i could. i love this son if mine and will never forget the first night he was at our house.


Alecia said...

Peoples should not write blogs like this. It makes me want more babies!!!

Lolly said...

One day you will need an alarm clock again and this will be a sweet memory!

LIZZY said...

yeah, he's alright. ;)