Monday, November 24, 2008

did i give the wrong number!?!?!?

i have the opportunity every now and then to work out of the most convenient starbucks. i loathe the collins and green oaks closing so i am forced to make another location feasible to my needs. i ventured into the lamar and collins location, mrs. laurinda dunn's establishment, and although this particular store is not necessarily in the busiest intersection i imagine since the closing of collins and green oaks it has increased in business. i tend to stay away from these stores. i hate that the drive in starbucks is the majority in my area. it is completely disadvantageous for my concentrating needs. well i pressed through anyway and studied the material i have been working on for the last few weeks concerning a model of the church that will address the needs for growth into maturity, the needs of others, and empowering the layman. i was working when the spirit quickened to me to bless an individual. i had no picture in my mind as to what specific individual, but rather i thought maybe i should buy someone lunch. i went to the chick-fil-a right across 30. as you can imagine the chicken king of the world was very intense, people in an out, things being shouted across the floor, and the lunch "rush." so i ate and moved to another location, i used to frequent, and asked the lord to show me someone to bless. i love thrift town. it is always a gold mine for clothing. i went in and saw this younger woman and her son in a cart. she was shopping and i got the direction from the lord pretty early but she wasn't done shopping and i didn't want to follow her weird would that be. but towards the end of her spree i stopped her and asked her if i could buy her clothes for her. now granted she had a basket full of clothes and i was not comfortable at all with purchasing this cart load of clothing. never the less, i began to inform her that the lord wanted to bless her today and he wanted her to get a tangible view of his blessing by allowing me to do it. she was a little hesitant, and rightfully so. i then proceeded to inform her that my family was having a dinner (shabbat) that night and i thought it would be great for her and her significant other to come and meet my family and have dinner too. i continued to calm her nerves by telling her "yes, yes, i know this sounds really weird and that this sort of thing doesn't happen in our culture" but i didn't not want to offer a back door for her to say no. i didn't want to give her the option of backing out of a continual blessing by stating "if you want," or "if your not to busy." god wanted to, not just bless her and her family but, bring her in to an understanding of a lifelong blessing. i gave her my number and showed her pictures of my son on my phone to ensure her this was not a guy hitting on a girl and wanting to go down that road. we went to the register and i proceeded to tell her about the shabbat meal and the meaning behind it. after the purchase we walked outside and i told her about grace and how she is a candidate of unmerited favor of the lord. not only did he desire to give her salvation but even more than this god wanted her to experience ON THIS EARTH his favors and benefits. she never ended up coming over but she did text me, so you her number, and she is stuck to be liz and my friend. i rushed home and told liz about it. i was so nervous during the whole process and when i told her my number, and she didn't call for a while i got a little nervous that i gave her the wrong number. i had told her she needed to let me know soon so my mom could set an extra 2 settings at the table. well she had the right number and texted me about how her boyfriend was blown away, and she had been praying for this for a while. awesome, and i feel as though there is a genuine connection there. i will post an update for the world to see the testimony of gods doing later when i get a chance. again the best encouragement i can give is stop talking about doing it and do it...then post the testimony for others to see what god has used you to do.


Brad Shull said...

Good thing God didn't lead you to Sax fifth avenue! That would have been a mortgage payment.

Collins and Lamar Starbucks Rocks!

bullets said...

i try to stay within my own financial demographic

becki said...

Very emboldening!