Wednesday, November 12, 2008

all that in 24 hours

random things going on:

1. dutch this morning unfortunately woke up around 6...but then as i got my pants on and was about to go get him i looked at the monitor and low and behold no flashing red lights so he had fallen back to sleep. praise the lord. then he woke up an hour later, so i got an hour extra sleep this morning. all i can say is thank you little man, thank you. got up around 7 and had to hurry cause i wanted to get him adjusted before i dropped him off at the smiths. i really had to hurry. but all got done and "the power is on" as dr. rob would say. 

2. gas was amazingly $1.90 this morning. i only had to pay $25 dollars to fill my tank. this is amazing which led me to think when the last time gas was below $2. the last time according to dallas business journal was dec. of 2005. that to me sounds too close but still that was 3 years ago. i am so glad that prices are dipping.

3. i woke up and put on my nicer, rock n roll attire and thought i will go by kacy and dragan's starbucks this morning and pay them a visit, obviously i get free coffee out of it but still seeing them is cool too. well this store is located in a part of town i don't go to very often and the coffee drinkers in there are very "fond" of men, if you catch my drift. well upon my entry into the store i didn't really think anything of it. i mean as jerry seinfeld feels, "not that there's anything wrong with that," i feel it too so it doesn't freak me out. i then realize what i am wearing...tight nicer jeans, and a snugger fit armani exchange smooth shirt. i realize my clothing alone puts me in a canidacy for "mr. right." yikes! needless to say i didn't linger there much and chat long, i left to my place of employment quicker than usual.

4. last nights get to bed routine was quick and seamless. once i got in bed i played the usual 2 or 3 games of solitaire on my phone and put it away. last night however, i got so filled with anxiety to pursue this guy at my work place named dave. i think he has family here in the city but not sure. i have been praying for him a lot and hope to go hang with him soon. but then i thought why not invite him to thanksgiving with my family and the hundreds of other families that join us? i begin to think how important it has become in my life in the last month and half or so. i realize i have changed dramatically and grown exponentially over the last 6 months. i can remember the message i was preaching with my whole heart to young people, essentially to make him number one above anything else, and out of that will come a desire to do other things in life that please him. like evangelism for example. i am not admitting to accomplishing the greatest commandment and have no more issues, but i realize that last nigh i gotta do more for others. i gotta not just DO more but CREATE more opportunities. i am not gonna meet lost people at church on sunday morning. i am not gonna meet lost people in my house. i gotta create these opportunities to meet lost people and build relationship with them. i don't feel like people will grasp the concept of god, even if i where to be able to explain it, on the first introduction. it will take many more meetings. meeting lost people is easy for me, but relating them to christ is hard. but anyway i lay awake just grieving that i haven't done enough and hope that i can effectively pave the way for a relationship with lost people. i don't know that many... sad i know. holidays are a good time of the year to include those who don't have family, or maybe even those who do but are lost, to come to your house and enjoy the holiday feasting together. even if they are atheist or agnostic they gotta eat, right? and i guarantee that they are NOT gonna go to work on the sanctioned holidays the public honors.


becki said...

I think that is a GREAT idea!! To invite them to a big meal with great people!! I have no shortage of lost people in my life, and there aren't many of them that know about my faith.

I actually am part of a book club in Dallas that one of Kevin's work friends started. She also happens to be an agnostic and interested in anarchist concepts. Our reading list has covered lots of books, all of them memoirs, and we've had some really interesting discussions in book club where I've gotten to talk about my faith and my subsequent perspective on things.

At one of our recent meetings she discussed maybe reading Jesus' sermon on the mount as one of our readings for one of the meetings because she didn't want to be closed off to other viewpoints. I told her it would definitely give her a better picture of Jesus than a lot of the churches/Christians she's experienced.

Anyway, all that to say, I find that for me it really makes a difference if you can be friends with people who don't know Jesus. They get to know you respect you and then conversation about faith can happen. :) This is turning into a blog post of my own!

Wait a second....did you invite Kevin & I to eat Thanksgiving with you because you think we're not saved!?!?!?! :)

becki said...

I meant to say that there aren't many of the lost peeps in my life that DON'T know about my faith! oops!

Lolly said...

Becki I am sooo glad you cleared that up! ;-P