Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the responsibility

i am currently reading a book entitled christianity and liberalism. the book offers a clear picture of the ideas that are beginning to form in the modern church, and even our current state of "church". this book was written in 1921 by j. gresham machen. even in that day there were men who recognized a shifting tide in the doctrine of what previous centuries had always been made a standard of the local church. he speaks to this shift and calls it "modern liberalism." it has taken me a while to get through it because i have been actively engaged in it while highlighting to be sure and not miss out on revelation. here is one of the most recent highlights that struck a chord in my heart:

the christian way of salvation is narrow only so long as the church chooses to let it remain narrow. the name of jesus is strangely adapted to men of every race and of every kind of previous education. and the church has ample means, with promise of god's spirit, to bring the name of jesus to all. if therefore, this name of salvation is not offered to all, it is not the fault of salvation itself, but the fault of those who fail to use the means that god has placed in their hands.

i think this struck me so hard because i am living in a country where christianity has painted the landscape so many times, the canvas is completely raw and beginning to tear (if not already torn). it has been preached and preached again. the pervasive spirit of the anti-christ has made a rubble of the divine marriage. certainly this is not the case amongst all the communities of faith. i love that god has entrusted me with a responsibility that runs deeper than my immediate family and it overflows into the community. like a pot that is filled to the brim with the cleansing and rejuvenating water of the word his spirit boils me causing it to splash all around me.

get filled with the word

pray with fervency for the spirit to boil your pot

splash on your community the riches of the personal impression the most personal god has given you

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