Thursday, February 16, 2012

the dutchman

it is really bittersweet. your offspring growing exactly the way they should and yet you don't want them growing too fast. i guess it is a desire i have to see that his innocence is not lost. dutch is getting so mature and independent. he is learning so much so quickly and his expressions are becoming more and more grown-up like. he is imitating characters he sees on movies and when he plays with his toys he role-plays while acting out scenarios. his french vocabulary is growing and progressing rapidly. consequently, he has been teaching titus a few words, which now titus is using quite regularly. he wants to do the dishes and make pancakes...though not in that order. every time we go to school he is ready to take on the class and won't cling to my leg like he used to at the beginning last year. he is like a train (which he would ride all day long if we let him) on a one way track to adulthood.

i think i see a teacher in him.

i wonder what tomorrow brings?

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