Thursday, March 1, 2012

the queen of the castle

there are a million words that i could insert into some cliché blog to proclaim a particular and very unique, yet perfect, character of my woman. i have decided to try and not do that.

on this day 34 years ago god chose to give the world a gift. this gift would have magnificent wonderful consequences for those who encountered her. even to this point i can't think of anyone in the world when encountering this gift felt disappointed as though they got a sweater from granny who knows nothing about cool toys. on the contrary, this is the exact gift that everyone dreams of hoping is under their tree. you know those moments as a kid when you saw that commercial on saturday morning in between your favorite cartoons. anticipation to put that very thing on your christmas list and make sure that everyone knew that is the thing you wanted and couldn't live without. well, that present was under MY tree!!!

we plan on going out this weekend to celebrate todays occasion but let me communicate this to you...

she doesn't need all that fancy-schmancy stuff. what makes her so beautiful is the fact that she doesn't need the evening dress to be more appealing. she requires no make up to draw the eye of the beholder. her words are wisdom wrapped in honey but you know what?...her ability to listen is the wonderful double fudge cheescake after the meal. how about that?

i think about the wonderful things people do and the special effort that is put into making individuals feel loved and appreciated on their birthday. liz and i are in some humble situations at the moment. what makes it worth it, what makes me so happy to have her apart of my life is the fact that she doesn't need all the attention. she doesn't require it. nor does she count it as an expectation or requirement in order to be with her. that my friends, provokes me to humility, provokes me to love, and provokes me to treat her as the queen of the castle.

here's to you my amazing fembot!

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