Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mr. mom

a few, but surely not the ONLY, things i have learned as a stay at home dad...

do not start a load of laundry unless you have room for the clothes to dry and the time to actually place them on the drying rack. they will only pile up in the closet, on the floor, or in your room getting all wrinkled. here in belgium i am finding out that it is common to not have a dryer and to use the local laundry mat. i think this option is good for us on occasion.

i personally have this theory that if the dish water in the sink is NOT at least warm, it is rendered useless in its job to clean. so the rule is similar to laundry; if you don't have the time right away to wash the dishes, don't start the water/soaking process. otherwise, the water gets cold and it feels gross and nasty to wash dishes with room temperature water.

floors are not on a regular rotation to be mopped. with the wife being pregnant and thus being tired quite often her vigilance is severely missed. me, on the other hand, i am not as tenacious in attacking the grime that builds up. so the lesson learned for me is that waiting to do the floors does not necessarily mean that the job will be easier. in fact, you use MORE energy scrubbing because you didn't do it last week and the grime seems to prove to be attached to the floor.

oh, and these guys are great housework music makers.

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LIZZY said...

thank you for being a stay at home dad with excellence. i can live without perfection, but your excellence makes me want to come home every day.