Monday, December 27, 2010

quick reflection

i have been longing to begin "my project" for a while. i technically have it started but not in any order. it has been a working process for over a year now and i am excited to have a study area to begin. when we move into our new house here in belgium i will begin hastily on getting things started. i imagine not being in the waterloo house with everyone will give me plenty of time to myself to begin this thing. i am seeing myself working quite a bit when the kids are in bed and when i have some time to myself. these are the available slots for me in this season.

i can't describe the feeling i have. it's like when you know you need to be working on something but there are things that are holding you back. or maybe it isn't hurdles as much as it is not the right timing to begin something like this. i am not writing a book...yet. but i do want to tackle this discipleship curriculum that i have had on my mind for a long time. this is the time to implement what works and trash what doesn't. i have plenty of test tubes, so to speak.

i have this burning in my heart to do it and it won't go away. prayer is what i need from you now.

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Veronica said...

sometimes all we need is a prayer box.. not a prayer room but a box.. a little space we can go to in our heads (should we have no other choice) and pray.. HARD! I go there alot, with two kids and a full time job, it is my only option.. I fear that this may be your case as well, but dont worry, the box is nice and wuiet and there are only two people ever in there. Even though it can feel crowded at times, I promise, as does He, it isnt.

I long for so much more when in the field, but simply have no time.. I struggle with this day in and day out. Just know that even though it doesnt feel like the plan you thought He had for you was being carried out, of course it is. If there isnt the time or even the space and sanity to do what is really in your heart right now, it's because your are not suppose to be doing it. YET.