Tuesday, February 1, 2011

redeeming slave girls

i had to share this email i received today. it blessed me tremendously.

Greetings from Asha Nepal
How are you? Praise the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ who has given us true salvation as well as freedom in Him from our bondages of sins. We are so much privileged to help sexually exploited women and their children. We are honored for your partnership and support. Please be praying for Madhu as she is getting married with a man in south Nepal on February 7th. Madhu was sold in brothels and had to stay there for about 10 years as sex slave. She got HIV there. We had rescued her and given her sewing training. Now she is getting married and they are planning to have a tailoring shop after they get married. The man who is getting married is aware about madhu and her past life. But he is so much happy to marry her. It is Jesus working, not us. Because of Him

Bimala and Asha Nepal family

very touching and very encouraging that redemption is taking place as you read this.

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