Monday, December 13, 2010

my soul longs for routine

adjusting to this new role as mr. mom is becoming easier. i just hope that those excellent qualities my wife taught my children while she remained at home can also be consistently taught by me as well. it is something i have had to make a priority. i am able to make time for them but i am tempted to just resort to this idea that taking care of them is the same thing as me spending time with them. it is not the same thing. i think they are always looking forward to the moment i lay on the floor and allow myself to be a landing pad for their aerial attack. over and over again dutch will do the same technique and my only job is to protect my most intimate of areas. i know that finding our own place will provide a better opportunity for a steady routine. that is what i am wanting more than ever right now. dutch will be starting school in a few weeks so another change is on the horizon. the schedule lends itself to being early mornings. i am not opposed to this at all. continue to pray that liz and i are able to locate a home and a vehicle quickly. we have been beyond blessed to be able to live in a community of generosity but i do not wish to wear out our welcome.

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