Thursday, December 9, 2010

Simeon's and Anna's

The holiday season does something to you doesn't it? Specifically Christmas. I notice back in the United States most of what is now happening is that as soon as Halloween is over the Christmas decor is in full effect. I was able to reflect on this to the youth of The Christian Center during my message and reveal a frustration with how another holiday known as "Thanksgiving" is overlooked in the states. I was introduced to the pulpit as one with a Masters in Psychology. I thought nothing of it, however, many of the youth seemed intrigued and desired to question how psychology was possible. One of the students named Benjamin asked "what about the authority of the Holy Scriptures?" I knew I would fit in with this certain bunch of youth who are looking for truth amongst their studies. These young adults are in a place of wanting to know how to process truth and how to determine what to take in as God breathed. I felt strongly that through their questions they were not so much as trying to test me about what I felt as truth but rather to reveal that they too are hungry to know God on a very very deep level. Not this surface level "go to church on Sunday, read the Bible as a history book," mentality. They really want to go deep. I saw it and I feel even more challenged to correctly present the word of God as the best source for truth. So my adventure just began and already I have found some whom need discipleship of a different kind.

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