Thursday, April 23, 2009


last night i had the opportunity of watching the greatest influence on the genre of music that i model a lot of my writing style after. they are my bloody valentine. there is a stupid movie that came out this last feb. that is titled the same, ok i say stupid i haven't seen it. austin might have a few valid points on its quality. however, this band has been out of it for a while. my good friend jesse hopkins had gotten a ticket for me and i was so glad i went. they played all my fave's to here knows when, only shallow, loomer, when you sleep, i only said, and soon. at one point in the last song they literally used the bridge as a 13 minute jet engine noise. it was so loud...glad i brought my earplugs. this jet engine noise was literally 13 minutes long. all they were playing was one note and this one note distorted/fuzzed so much that it sounded like white noise. my body shook so much because of the noise. it was awesome though and i enjoyed going to see one of my influences. thanks jesse for a memorable night.

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daniel said...

yes! this concert was amazing!