Thursday, April 2, 2009

is this a win?

this article intrigued me. i personally recognize the dangers of smoking and that smoking is the leading preventable cause of death. i concur that there should be stricter regulations on smoking despite the inevitable imposition on the freedom of u.s. citizens. i do not, however, believe that giving that regulating responsibility to the fda is wise. i whole heartedly believe that the fda does not always have the health of the american people in mind. there needs to be regulation for the benefits of health and health alone. the fda needs funding and it's different when money is involved. over half of the fda's funding is accounted for by pharmaceutical companies, which in 2005 was $200.7 billion. i strongly believe that prescription drugs are not worth the risk. annually over 750,000 people die due to medicinal mistakes. 120,000 die from properly taking prescription drugs...that's taking the pill just as the doctor ordered. so the fda flies in under the radar of federal protection but every one of the members are just as human as those who are taking those pills and just as human as those who are synthetically creating those pills.  

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