Sunday, March 29, 2009

lets get this party started at 6am

this is the first sunday morning i have not had to do anything but wake up in a long time. i enjoyed it immensely. any time i am able to get up before the rest of the fam i try to get as much reading done as i can. i don't have to explain why certain individuals keep me from concentrating on studying. it has been a while since i have been able to just get up, go about the day, early in the morning without an agenda, or i should say without needing to fulfill someone else's agenda. i used to be able to just get up and go early in the morning. it hit me really hard the other day when liz and i went out for a friends birthday party and we where out til around ten that night and could barely stand we were so tired. we went home to pick up peanut from my parent's house and we got there and my they were playing dominoes with their friends. all of them were wide awake and ready to take on the night. may i remind you that they are at least 20 years my elder (i won't disclose specifics on age). so it hit me that older people should, naturally, be in a winding down physical state, right? i, the younger one, should be in a, "hey lets get this party started" state. why are the roles switched? the only variable i foresee having a direct correlation with my physical state is the variable that required us going to my parents house to witness this anomaly in the first place. i won't single out any one kid but instead blame it on kids. at this moment it's really easy to blame the handicapped verbal communicating child. i love my child, and i can't wait to do so many things with him when he is able. i just wish there was an ability to do all the things i wanted and still yet meet every need he has in his growing years. god bless america...and the restless parents.


Lolly said...

waaa! You used to be in his shoes!! And I was in yours.

LIZZY said...

totally worth it. totally