Tuesday, March 24, 2009

you didn't know? let me show you

i am three days into my new job at whole foods market. i gotta be honest it is kicking my butt. i am doing what they call guest services i.e. bagging groceries, and getting carts. i will train to do register later but for now they all start at the bagging depot. thanks to zach white for the shove to apply a few weeks ago. i remember in the car on the way home conversing with liz as to how awesome it would be to work there. i would get a discount and the pay is reasonable for a grocery store and ultimately, i would have the opportunity to be a light in a dark place. the typical health guru these days believes in something spiritual, or something mystical about life. i do too by the way. but mine is different, i have faith in what i like to call the "super"natural. i am finding out that around most of the employees have tattoos, they like to have black hair, and they enjoy listening to maynard keenan of tool...oh and a good third of them are what the secular world calls homosexual. none of these things frighten me, actually i would, as paul says, like to "have become all things to all men, that i may by all means save some (1 cor 9:22). that sounds weird when read back to myself. i have not been in a job situation where i have had to walk and be so active for such a period of time. i keep praying and telling myself it's god's provision, it's god's provision. it echo's louder every time i feel the ache in my joints in the ankle region, or knee. i repeat it louder every time i look into the eyes of my co-workers and see the biggest need of jesus in their life. again, it hurst to the point of tears in the car as i drive to work when i think about how long of a time i am taking to reveal the opportunity of true love. one thing i have continued to remind myself, as i tell them what i previously did before bagging groceries and moving carts to their respected place, god gave salvation by loving. in fact god's will is not just about loving, but about giving and forgiving. he never has a desire to take, but to give, "...give us this day our bread," "forgive us our sins." and how can i say i am his and say i love "people" without exercising the same thing...giving. and i know, sadly, that the message of christianity has probably made its way to the doorstep of their heart before by some one who should not be telling anyone anything about jesus. but now is my turn to not speak about a savior who loves them, very hard for me by the way, but show in action what god showed this earth...giving unconditionally.

"the act of love will replace the need to hear it" 

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Denise said...

Wow, Zach. What an amazing opportunity you've been called to. I'll be praying for you, that the living the life of Christ would speak loudest of all, but that when He gives that word to 'speak', that it will come forth in clarity and bring glory to the Son. And we'll be sure to look for you next time we're ther. I love that place.