Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i need to wake up

this was my response to the article i read of the alabama shootings. everyone commenting was blaming all sorts of people, organizations, and administrations.

the blame rests completely on us, even me. people who display psychopathic behavior don't wake up and all of a sudden display the symptoms of abnormality. this wasn't a switch that turned on, or off. you may have an individual who is having troubled thoughts and only the beginning stages of pathological behavior as your friend or neighbor, or co-worker. this is a wake up call for us to become better friends and pay more attention to warning signs of disturbance in people we encounter. this type of behavior like the individual who opened fire on his pastor and all the other shootings are in need. the kind of need money can't help, the kind of need sex can't help, the kind of need that can only be helped by being loved by a friend in it's truest sense. this incident is a product of societal neglect not the nra, not obama, not bush, not even politics. it helps me see how important my friends are and how i need to pay attention to things that would lead to abnormal behavior and help them in any way i can.

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