Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the blame game

i love those moments when everything goes right and you, without a second thought or any hesitation, can blame it all on god. what is also funny are those moments everything seems to go wrong and you (or i) don't know who to blame. but one thing is for sure we wanna blame someone or something. i wonder if anyone, left alone to grow up by themselves, would at one point in their life start to blame troubles on someone else or something else. is it an innate characteristic of humanity to blame things on others, or is it cultural, or is it ethnically focused? is it apart of the fallen nature of mankind? it would be fun to do a longitudinal study over the course of time in a few individuals lives who live in different cultures, different ethnicities, and with different philosophical backgrounds to find out answers. i don't remember anyone teaching me to blame others for trouble, so is it learned? i don't remember the first time i blamed something on someone else...oh wait i remember now, and yes, it WAS steph's fault!

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Lolly said...

As long as you are not blaming your mother!!