Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Morning

TBS has become my friend on the occasions that I wake to feed and care for my son. Beginning at 6am, and lasting til 8am, TBS has managed to catch my eye with re-runs of "Saved By The Bell." Granted, lately, they have been showing the earlier episodes, you know, with Miss Bliss (Hayley Mills) and these are not as entertaining as the latter episodes with the really cool gang. But as I was watching, it was actually the earlier episodes that I realized seem to be the audience grabber. This gang which includes, Zack, Lisa, the fun loving Screech, a girl named Nikki, and a nobody named Mikey, is the group I guarantee the average teenager across America identifies with more than the latter version of the group. The group in the "Miss Bliss" episodes is a group that has personalities that are real, in my opinion. I see the group that contains the characters of Kelly, Slater, and Jessie as a group I wish I could be more apart of but not a group I see as identifiable to my life as a secondary student. Zack is amazing in the latter years but yet still unrealistic when it comes to a high school student, Slater is so tough and yet refined, Jessie has the "green" attitude everyone wishes they could think of, and Kelly is the girl that only a "Zack" could get. I definitely love to watch the latter episodes more than the earlier one's but the reasoning is the romantic idea of me living the life they lived in High School. No one wants to be what they know they are, so many think of the fictitious life they might be able to lead. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TBS for showing my favorite show during the early nineties. Thanks TBS, keep it up. You make feeding my son that much more enjoyable.

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