Friday, August 29, 2008

is it that bad?

i know any sickness is miserable. i certainly don't want to be sick. i don't want anyone to be sick. dutch is sick right now with congestion in his chest and he has a sore throat. he'll crawl around for about a minute or so then sit up and start to cry or try to cry. he is miserable right now. as his parents, liz and myself, we didn't have any kids before dutch so this, having a baby that is sick thing, is relatively new for us. he had a cold this last may but that was stopped up nose stuff and so, sure, he couldn't drink from a bottle and all that but at least it didn't hurt him to swallow. i know i can only do so much as his parent in this situation. i HATE seeing him in pain. i can actually hear his pain, as he coughs that cough that sounds as though he doesn't have any vocal chords. part of me believes that this is something he must go through in order to develop a proper immune system. if he were to never get sick and then be introduced one day to a virus that is foreign his body would not have the experience to fight this foreign substance. does god heal? absolutely. does god wish anyone to be in pain? ummmmmm, i don't think so. but this body we have been blessed with must under certain circumstances go through things in order to be strengthened to its fullest capabilities. this bout that dutch is enduring only makes him stronger. i think it makes me a stronger dad too. next time i am not so worried about the slightest sniffle or hacking cough. i will continue to pray, and believe god is gonna heal my son. my prayers are for the elimination of the pain. please join with me and pray for all the sick kids of america. kidding. but i want ultimately for my son to get stronger in his body, and there is an ole marine saying, how does it go? oh yeah "pain is weakness leaving the body." if my kid is gonna be the next mr. usa then he is gonna have to let go of some things.

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