Saturday, August 30, 2008

father, son time

liz has been wonderful this last few days with our sick little man, so i decided to get up this morning and take care of him. i am not feeding the bottle cause with his throat the way it is he is not wanting a bottle. we got up, he ate "rice and lentil" and i am gonna eat over at the briscoe's house because today is the draft day for fantasty football. so josh, the greatest commish around, is gonna make omelett's for those coming over to his house for the draft party. josh is excellent at most things, but one of the greatest is having parties. but this morning when i was feeding dutch i figured a little tube wouldn't hurt anyone, and what do ya know predator was on. this is that one movie where arnold is the biggest and baddest dude around. he shoots the bad guy and defeats him while up against incredible odds. it really is a break out role for him...hahahahahah, i can't do it anymore. ok this is like every other movie, but it still is different. why? because this is the movie i got the idea FOR the name my son. let me repeat, he is not named AFTER arnold but the idea for him. so only natural as father and son hang out that they watch his "should be" favorite movie. if you haven't seen it, your not missing much that you wouldn't find in terminator, commando, and every other movie arnold does, but it is good to know if we were ever attacked by predator's from another planet arnold, the governor of california, would do these very things to remove their presence.

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