Wednesday, May 8, 2013

he's always been ready

may 8th doesn't have life or death significance to me. i would like to let you know that this day 10 yrs ago i began serious journaling. there were times before that i would jot down words or feelings in a book, somewhere, but that never became consistent. and i lost those books.

i wanted to share my very first journal entry with the blogosphere.

i just got this pad. i hope to be able to write my thoughts accurately as they happen. maybe feelings too. these are definitely prayers for myself and i know the lord can read english

liz the great, the second true love of my life. next summer is the plan for our book to come out called OUR MARRIAGE!!! i am pretty excited to see how god uses us because that is truly my hearts desire. i know its hers as well. i plan on buying the ring package in november. maybe proposing in december or january of 2004. i, of course, don't have a date on the wedding; that might not be wise just yet. all our friends are great. justin ransom and stephanie are getting married june 7th of 2003...i think he has always been ready. i know i couldn't get married just yet, i am not in my season. but like you plan a summer will be GREAT!!!

i highly encourage you to start writing. NO, i am not referring to the keyboard of your computer. i am talking about a pen and paper, because as michael scott of dunder mifflin says, "real business is done on paper."

but there is so much fulfillment that goes into writing things down, especially things that matter.

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