Friday, April 12, 2013

oh hello

today has been pretty unproductive for me. i woke up this morning feeling like a few bags of sand were resting in my head. i really hate feeling this way because it keeps me from things i love doing like waking up.

the beauty of my marriage is i am married to the most selfless woman on the planet. i know this because  she got up much earlier than i did to attend to the latest lowrie addition and the first words out of her mouth, after i woke up and told her how i was feeling, were, "you should go lay back down for a bit." i love that woman. sadly, the pressure in my head kept me from being able to relax.

around 9 everyday we leave for the student base where i prepare to lead worship and teach in our discipleship school. today, of course, the last thing i wanted to do was sing and teach. i love that god's presence and praise is more important to me than how i feel.

is experiencing communion with your heavenly father more important than what you feel like doing? unless of course you feel like experiencing communion with him right now then i would say that there is no better feeling.

i will now leave you with a few of my brilliant wife's photos...

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