Wednesday, June 19, 2013

beautiful beauvais

a few weeks ago i had the privilege of teaching a worship seminar and doing a night of worship as renaissance accepted the invitation. this was an exciting opportunity because it came out of being apart of another ministry event earlier in the year. so the word is catching on about what god has given us to impart to the church here in europe.

beauvais, france is a beautiful place that boasts to being home of one of the largest cathedrals in europe. beautiful city, land, and hospitable people are but some of the things you can expect upon landing in this city. we trekked out after allyster got off work at nearly 10:00pm on a friday night. the conditions were very well suitable for a long distance journey. danny lankenau served as my co-pilot as the back seats were filled with liz, my boys, maeva, laetitia, and allyster. a few red bulls were the aid in alertness for the night.

we arrived safe and sound with little time to sleep before having to begin the all-day seminar the next day. the teaching and instruction went smoothly. i taught along with allyster and laetitia. the subject was songwriting and it proved successful upon completion.

one lady had written a song and we performed it that night in worship as a testimony to the workshop earlier in the day. it was a wonderfully well-constructed french song that she wrote in nearly 2 hrs. the response was wonderful and you could see how god was imparting vision for french worship to those in attendance. we felt satisfied with our work and left with a passion to come back and do more ministry in beauvais. however, this wasn’t even the best of the news.

we had received an update from the organizer of the event. on the night of worship we had the opportunity to prophecy and speak in one of the leaders of the church. he wasn’t a pastor but was looked at for leadership. i am excited to report that after the blessing and prophetic words were spoken over him he has been given an opportunity to pastor the church in which we had the seminar! he is now walking in such wonderful agreement with the words that were spoken over him. those that made him pastor were not even in attendance that night.

but this is not all...
the young people in attendance on the night of worship were filled with such passion that they have began meeting since we left. they are hungry for revival in beauvais! think about it, a group of young people who did not have a pastor, all received a desire to unify and submit themselves under leadership for the sake of growing in their commitment to the Lord and building his kingdom! god is so good!

keep praying for his name to be great in europe.

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Anonymous said...

It it truly amazing hearing how God is working, as you heed the call to serve Him. Prayer for continuing the work that He has begun is vital.
Will be praying for lasting joy and growing relationship in the Lord for the young people of France as they desire to follow Him!

Grammy in Alaska