Thursday, December 29, 2011

where am i

high school is the big time, and one reason for this is because you have a locker that is like your personal apartment...obviously much, much, much smaller. i can recall on many occasions going on a break from school for christmas or spring break and many of these breaks where full of doing so much of nothing. upon my return from break there was always a reality check once i visited my locker and had to pause as to remember the combination, or even the routine of classes and their appropriate period. in retrospect i see this as a good measure of the level fun i had from the break of a strict routine. not that i had a break from routine to no routine but that i was able to switch the routine up.

this last trip to the states was much like that...

my family was able to go to dallas for a few days to visit my parents and then we ventured off to southern california to visit liz' family. while in california we went to the popular sites: disneyland, sea world, and the san diego zoo. this was such a great trip and it was very refreshing. my sister-in-law lives in dana point, which is about a 45-50 minute drive north of san diego. it was full of walks for me as she lives within walking distance to the ocean. i was able to go sit for hours seaside amongst the waves crashing against the rocks. one of the most enjoyable places for me to be is on the rocks and watching the waves crash against them. i can imagine how incredibly boring this may seem to others. i have contemplated the simplicity of this oceanic entertainment before and every time i walk away in awe of god's glorious ideas in addition to how incredibly simplistic my view of god really is. the moments are etched into my mind and are as sure as the waters cover this earth; i will never forget them.

upon my return here in belgium i experienced this very similar reality that had occurred upon return from a long break back to school. my mind raced as i scrambled to think about what i was to tell the officer at customs. as i got my luggage and began walking out of the terminal i was hurriedly trying to remember what greetings to use. i had to take the train back home and i, for the life of me, could not remember what the train process was like. even when i was on the train headed back home i completely blanked out as to the order of stops from brussels central to waterloo. i stood there looking at every stop as to make sure i didn't miss my stop. walking into my apartment i had forgotten how small it was and the fact that i cannot go down to the store and ask for something in my native tongue. isn't this weird?!?! my mind. went. blank.

all of this, i can only attribute to the amazing time i had. i truly forgot a few times that i even lived in belgium. the only regret i have is the limited amount of time to enjoy with close friends. there were many necks that didn't get hugs and hands that didn't get a high five. nevertheless the brilliance of these particular relationships is that the next time i am around them we will be enjoying each others company as though not a single second has gone by without hanging around them.

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