Saturday, January 14, 2012

standing in prayer

we (9th hr) received an invitation to attend a prayer rally in liége belgium. nathan and i had been there before to give some exhortations and prophetic words so i kind of had an expectation as to what we might expect. but the other guys...i wondered what they might be thinking this would turn out to be.

anytime i am invited to a prayer rally my mind begins at that moment to wonder what kind of individual this is inviting me. if i have not known the person very long i may deduce that this person is either desperate for anyone to attend the rally, or they generally don't care who shows up because i mean hey, its a prayer rally! who cares if your a catholic, baptist, methodist, lutheran, or even muslim. maybe this person is just a gatherer and knows that there is power in numbers. whatever the case, at times, i am taken back by someone i barely know asking me to come to their prayer rally. like a party, i wouldn't invite just anyone. i would invite people who i think care about me or that particular individual the party might be for. that is just me though.

one of the biggest causes for this thought is that awkward setting at a prayer rally when no one actually is engaged in prayer. like if i had a ticket to see the rangers in their world series run and i am just sitting there in my chair not doing anything to show i am into the rangers and their opportunity. i want to just make a note here and say that this did NOT happen last night but has been something i feel for any prayer setting. i really dislike "warm body" prayer meetings.

there is always a challenge in me when i go to prayer meetings that haven't had a designated focus and there is quiet somber atmosphere. i begin to think to myself, "what if i shouted out something, would that freak anyone out?" or, "what if i started to jump around people, would that distract anyone?" ahhhhh, just thinking about it makes my blood start to rush! i always, i repeat ALWAYS feel that challenge. i know i am a take the spotlight, center stage, class clown kind of guy so most of the time i know it is for the sake of getting attention that i would do this. but, i promise, as soon as i find a great way to connect this absurd sequence of events with a sleeping generation or a heart that needs to be awakened type of exhortation i will do it. there are individuals who have a calling for intercession and a life devoted to a "praying without ceasing" mentality. don't hear that as one who does nothing but pray. that is stupid to think that the spirit would draw us to pray and not prophecy, or pray and not sow seeds of the gospel (even the seed of intercession) unto others.

i am ok with admitting that i struggle with prayer rallies unless i am doing something to occupy my time (like playing music, or the watch leader). so when i preach that prayer meetings are sometimes boring, i am mostly challenging myself. i know it is the lord when i go into a prayer meeting and i feel stirred to stir myself.

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