Tuesday, November 29, 2011

she has only just begun

yesterday was a historic day; it will never happen again.

an individual who cares not for attention nor does this person require credit for accomplishments

an individual who has influenced thousands

an individual who has selflessly given, even more than what was able to give

an individual who has shown me a heart of compassion more than anyone on the face of this earth

an individual who has blessed me in unimaginable ways

an individual who could soften the hardest heart even without a word spoken

an individual who has pardoned me and others when the consequence under the law was justice

an individual who is so attuned to the holy spirit i personally have no where to hide

an individual who's love is greater than the distance that separates her from her grandkids

an individual who would shoulder me around the world

an individual who gave me my first job

an individual who makes the best t.v. trash in the world (spicy and without nuts)

an individual who will make me anything i want

an individual who has been praying for me since before i was born...and the prayers are being answered even today

an individual who will pray for you whenever you want

an individual who open up a room for you to stay if you need one

an individual who would cook you a meal or get you a cup of coffee or both even at the same time

an individual who doesn't need a pulpit to preach the good news of the lord even though one could be filled if needed sunday through saturday

an individual who has so much fruit of the spirit that she has to store some of the preserves in a jar for her toast in the mornings

an individual who has pool cleaning ability second to none

an individual who can eat cereal and sandwiches the rest of her life if it means someone else can have steak and lobster

an individual who has a voice that would make michael buble cry

an individual who the most interesting man in the world only wished was his mother

this individual is the youngest 50 yr old you will ever meet and it was her birthday yesterday. if you happen to miss it don't worry, she is so forgiving that she will consider your birthday wish today as an early one for next year. thus, canceling out the forgetfulness due to the early wish.

she is my mom and the world is a better place because of her. mother teresa doesn't even hold a flame to her. she is so great that she would willingly be your mom too. all you need is to ask.

mom i love you...but i am betting because of your amazing discretion you knew that already.


Hannah B. said...

I know this individual, and I have to say that your analysis is true. Love you Kari, and happy late birthday!

Kari Lowrie said...

Thank you, Zach! You are the absolute dream son and I would say that even if you weren't mine!