Wednesday, March 30, 2011

an answer in korean

i technically should be studying/preparing for a particular word but i am distracted. last night at our tuesday night encounter meeting i spoke with a woman from south korea. she has been sent here by her company to translate for the branch of her company located right here in waterloo. oddly enough she told her company to place her temporary residence at a specific location because she was wanting to be close to the brussels house of prayer. she had found ninth hour on the internet and saw a house of prayer which seemed to encourage here a great deal. this is magnificent in itself.

last night we began discussing her church situation back home in south korea. she is greatly distressed due to an enormous amount of frustration at not being able to find a church home. she has seen a lot and i don't feel i have the time to share everything here. but i thought about what god had told me before i moved here and the specific people group i would be ministering too. it is amazing that i was able to minster to a korean in belgium. leave it to god to bring an opportunity for us (ninth hour) to sow a seed to an individual who is not even european. this is how god did and even now does things across the globe.

i was reminded of when paul was wanting to go to a certain region in asia minor in order to preach the gospel but, acts 16:7 states that, the spirit of jesus did not permit him. we find later that due to a redirection paul runs into lydia (in a place of prayer no doubt) who becomes the starter of a home church in the area that god had forbidden at that point to go. this is remarkable that god crosses people's paths, directs steps, and relocates individuals all for the sake of furthering his kingdom. i prayed with her for discernment upon her return to korea to locate a church that speaks to her the truth of god. we also prayed that she would find all those negative influences that discouraged her faith would suddenly be shaken off of her. i didn't tell her to start a church but i did tell her that we, as a team, are standing with her even all the way over here in europe.

god is so good to those who heed his direction, and to those who don't, unfortunately, they miss that what god is doing is for their good.

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Kari Lowrie said...

I love how God works everything together!